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200m2 Luxury Ocean view house.

3 bedrooms each 25m2.

All bedrooms feature large en-suite bathrooms with natural light and ventilation.

Open plan kitchen, dining and living room opening onto large terrace.

Solar heated swimming pool with breathtaking views.

Gas radiators and wood burning stoves heating keep the house warm and cozy during the winter months.

Level of sailing: Intermediate to advanced wave sailors.

Windiest Months: September, October, November, January, March, April

Waves: 90% chance of 3 foot or bigger surf throughout the entire year. Biggest waves in winter months, but incredibly consistent all year.

Location: 2 hours west of Santiago by car.

Air temperatures: Summer 20-28 degrees celsius, winter 10-23 degrees celsius.

Water temperature: 12-16 degrees celsius.

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